Amid increasing speculation about an Oasis reunion, fans have turned to Reddit to discuss their ultimate dream setlist. Here is a curated selection inspired by their suggestions.

After years of feuds and failed reconciliations, Liam Gallagher has hinted at a possible Oasis reunion.

The former Oasis frontman is currently on tour in the UK and Ireland to mark the 30th anniversary of Oasis's iconic debut album, 'Definitely Maybe'. This tour has seen Liam play the record in full, as well as B-sides and fan favourites.

During Liam's recent gig at Utilita Arena Cardiff, there was a pivotal moment halfway through the setlist. Liam dedicated 'Half The World Away' to his brother Noel, a song that was originally sung by Noel and had never been performed live by Liam before. Rolling Stone Magazine reported that Liam introduced the song saying, "So I'm going to dedicate this next tune to my little brother, who's still playing hard to get" when it comes to a reunion.  

He followed up by saying: “But that’s alright. Word on the street is he was spotted in a really posh chocolate shop – one of them Thorntons – buying some chocolates. So you never know! D’you know what I mean?”

After Liam humorously suggested earlier this year that Noel should apologise for Oasis's 2009 breakup by sending a box of chocolates, discussions about a potential Oasis reunion have intensified on Reddit. Fans are eagerly crafting their dream reunion setlist, fuelled by nostalgia and hopeful anticipation.

Inspired by these passionate fans' predictions, we've carefully crafted our own Oasis reunion setlist. Read on to find out which songs made the cut.

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The Buzz on Reddit

As already mentioned, many fans have taken to Reddit to share their opinions on a dream Oasis setlist. One user, who put together a 2-hour setlist, expressed scepticism about the band performing more than that, while another user suggested they wouldn't mind experiencing a 10-hour Oasis marathon - who wouldn't?

Interestingly, one fan advocated for including Liam and Noel's solo material into the setlist, noting that it would be imprudent to disregard over 15 years of music.

Given the sheer number of incredible tracks within Oasis' extensive back catalogue, attempting to curate a concise setlist of only 20 songs is an extremely difficult task. Nonetheless, we have tried our best to do so in the following list below, featuring some of the band's most beloved and iconic tunes.

The Dream Oasis Reunion Setlist

F**kin in the Bushes (intro)

  1. Rock N Roll Star
  2. Columbia
  3. Some Might Say
  4. Talk Tonight
  5. The Masterplan
  6. D'Ya Know What I Mean
  7. Half the World Away
  8. Cigarette and Alcohol
  9. Cast No Shadow
  10. Slide Away
  11. Morning Glory
  12. Acquiesce
  13. Wonderwall
  14. Whatever
  15. Little By Little
  16. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  17. She's Electric
  18. Live Forever
  19. 'Supersonic'
  20. 'Champagne Supernova'
  21. 'I Am The Walrus'

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