Following the 2022-23 season, we take you through Liverpool FC's biggest rivals.

Last Updated: 15/06/23 at 11:23

This season, the club started off poorly but revived themselves with an impressive comeback, just missing out on a bid for the Champions League.

Now, we take you through Liverpool's biggest rivals, and look ahead to the 2023-24 season with anticipation.

Liverpool v Everton

Liverpool v Everton is a regional rivalry whereby both teams are based in the city of Liverpool. Their tension has reached such heights that it has resulted in the most red cards awarded than any other matchup in Premier League history!

Everton fans argue that Liverpool FC took Anfield away from them and that it was originally a ‘blue club’, while Liverpool supporters believe that they took Anfield to the next level.

The Merseyside Derby is also frequently referred to as the ‘Friendly Derby’, as many fans mix together at games and are loyal to both teams when they are playing elsewhere.

In recent years, the Liverpool-Everton rivalry has declined as Liverpool has strengthened in power, and has seen Everton as less of a threat to their success.

Liverpool v Manchester City

Liverpool’s rivalry with Man City is more recent than others and has grown alongside the increasing success of both teams since the 2010s.

As the Reds and the Sky Blues have received greater investment, new management, and built up star-studded player line-ups, the two teams have developed a huge clash that makes their matches the most-anticipated of the UK and European football season.

Speaking of the rivalry, Liverpool legend Carragher says that “there is a uniqueness to it. This is the first time the two best teams in England are the two best teams in the world, led by the two greatest coaches of their generation.”

Following Manchester City’s victory in the Premier League, we can expect the Liverpool v Man City rivalry to strengthen next season as Jurgen Klopp will be pushing for Red redemption.

Liverpool v Manchester United

Liverpool’s tension with Manchester United (titled the ‘Northwest Derby’) is perhaps the club’s most historic rivalry. Typically, matches between Liverpool and Man United are one of the most prestigious on the calendar.

As a result of the conflict during the Industrial Revolution for economic dominance in the North, fans from each team have been resilient towards one another since the clubs first began (and even players strongly avoid transferring between the clubs).

The rivalry between Manchester Utd and Liverpool is one of the oldest and fiercest in football; however, as Manchester City rises through the ranks, tensions seem to be transferring away from United and towards City.

Liverpool v Chelsea

Liverpool and Chelsea’s rivalry has grown with Chelsea’s more recent rising success, fuelled by Chelsea knocking Liverpool out of contention for Champions League qualification in the 2002-03 season.

As the threat of Chelsea developed alongside new ownership and increased spending on players, the teams intensified their rivalry. This was further boosted by Rafael Benitez’s transition to Chelsea after six seasons with the Reds!

While both squads continue to perform well, Liverpool’s competition with Chelsea has more recently declined. However, tensions are likely to rise next season as Chelsea will be fighting for victory after Liverpool took home the trophy in this year’s FA Cup Final.

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