Image: Before the start of an NFL London game featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars. Credit - Tony Hisgett, Flickr.

Every year, when the NFL announces their London games, the Jacksonville Jaguars are included - but why is that? Discover the Jacksonville Jaguars’ London link, the history that comes with the connection, and whether a move there might happen in the future.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a professional American football team that has been playing in the National Football League (NFL) since 1995.

Over the years since their current owner took over in 2012, they have made headlines due to their connection to London, England.

While the NFL does have its International Series that sees three games played in the English capital, questions have risen surrounding the Jags’ involvement as they are always a part of it each year.

Because of this, many team and general NFL fans usually ask the same question; are the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to London?

Discover the connection between the side and the city, and have the question answered by reading on.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars and their London connection

The Jags are a fairly new NFL team, being the joint-youngest franchise with the Houston Texans, being founded in 1995.

Since arriving in the league, they haven’t found their way to the Super Bowl yet, but have competed in the AFC Championship game three times before.

In 2012 they were taken over by a new owner, Shahid Khan. Khan is a Pakistani-American billionaire businessman and sports tycoon. Before buying the Jags, he attempted to acquire 60% of the then St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams).

After that fell through in 2010, he turned his sights elsewhere and was eventually approved to buy the Jags in January 2012.

His purchase of the Jaguars proved to be the start of his sports team enterprise, as a year later in July 2013, he bought the English football team Fulham FC, who are based in London, thus starting his connection to England’s capital city.

Jacksonville Jaguars first London game

It wasn’t long after he purchased Fulham that a connection between the Jaguars and London started to form, for in 2013, the Jags played their first regular season game outside of the US.

They played the San Francisco 49ers during that game, and while they lost fairly heavily (42-10), Khan saw potential in bringing the team over each year. They have played a game in London every year, except for 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the NFL to cancel all international games.

British public's interest in the NFL and the Jags

The Jaguars’ games in London have been successful both on and off the field. The team has six wins and five losses in London, including a 44-7 victory over the Baltimore Ravens in 2017.

Off the field, the games have been attended by large crowds and have helped to increase the popularity of American football in the UK and overall have helped the growth of the NFL in Europe.

Fans watching an NFL London game featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Image: Fans watching an NFL London game featuring the Jacksonville Jaguars. Credit - Alex Ranaldi, Flickr.

Since the Jags come to Britain every year, they have become one of the most popular teams in the UK, with a dedicated fan base that attends their games in London.

In the NFL’s efforts to expand the league to global markets, they have assigned/ allowed each team to market themselves in different countries worldwide. With a connection already formed in London, the Jags were given the green light to go forth with the UK.

Are the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to the UK?

With their strong connection and everything said, you may be wondering if there is a future where the Jacksonville Jaguars will be based in the UK.

The short answer is almost definitely not.

The main reason why it probably won’t happen is because of logistics. Even a team coming over for one game takes a lot on the whole squad. It’s a long flight, players have to adjust. Plus the costs of bringing over a whole team are quite high. And that goes so much more so if a team were to be based in London full time.

But that hasn’t stopped Khan from trying to realise the idea. In 2018, Khan attempted to buy England’s premier stadium in London.

A fairly empty stadium long before the start of an NFL London game.
Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen / Unsplash

Many wondered what this would be for, whether it would be to move in his Fulham team, but most realised it would likely be to move the Jaguars to the UK.

The £600 million deal looked to be on for a long while before Khan pulled out of the negotiations a week before a vote with council members on whether it should go through or not.

It's unknown why he pulled out, as the FA board who own the stadium effectively approved the sale.

So for now, it is safe to say that the Jacksonville Jaguars will not be moving to London anytime soon. They will continue to come to the UK for the London Series and even mentioned in the past that they may look to do two games a year in London - although that has not yet been confirmed.

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