The Jags will make their twelfth appearance in the NFL London Games this autumn. Learn about the Jacksonville Jaguars' history in London, why they play there annually, their past performance, and their upcoming game schedule.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have become synonymous with the NFL International Series in London. They've appeared in the games for 10 consecutive years now, but why is that and how have they performed overseas?

Learn about the Jacksonville Jaguars' London Games past, why they play there yearly, their London record, and their 2024 game details.

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Jacksonville Jaguars in London: a look back at NFL history

The NFL International Series began in 2007. The league brings one game per season to the UK, showcasing American Football to a global audience.

The International Series expanded to Germany and Mexico, and now it includes more games played in London. The capital has built a new stadium to accommodate the growth of the sport. This shows how popular the sport is becoming and how crucial it is to have proper facilities.

One team that has become a staple of these games is the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have been coming to London as part of the series every year for 11 years, starting in 2013.

The Jaguars will be playing their 12th game in London this year and have an even record on British soil. They have experienced massive wins and shocking losses over the decade.

On 27th October 2013, the Jaguars started their London journey by playing against the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium. It was there that 83,559 fans saw the 49ers easily defeat Jacksonville 42-10 in a one-sided game.

That season the 49ers were Super Bowl contenders. They made it to the NFC Championship game, narrowly losing out to the Seattle Seahawks.

Comparably, the Jags finished with a 4-12 record and were 14th in the conference out of 16 teams. The result now becomes a bit more understandable.

Since then, Jacksonville has played a range of teams each year, from more Super Bowl contenders to struggling opposition. In that time, Jacksonville has experienced successful periods. This includes their current position which saw them reach the Divisional Round last year in the playoffs.

Why do the Jacksonville Jaguars play in London?

Many UK NFL fans wonder why the league chooses one team every year to travel abroad for this series. It seems strange at first glance.

But in fact, it's because of the team owner, Shahid Khan, and his sports group, which includes other teams he owns.

Khan is a Pakistani-American billionaire who bought the Jaguars in 2012. This prompted the start of his sports empire which now contains the major professional wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The connection between the Jaguars and London came together in 2013 when Khan bought Premier League football club, Fulham FC.

That then lines up with the timing of which the Jags played their first NFL London Game in 2013.

The bond between Khan and the Jaguars has grown stronger since then. There was a time when Khan was thinking of moving the Jaguars to London. These discussions happened when Khan was trying to buy Wembley Stadium.

Khan's withdrawal ultimately caused the deal to fall through before the vote could take place. However, the Jags still effectively have a home at the National Stadium as they keep coming back there every year.

Jacksonville Jaguars London record

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ London record sits at six wins and five losses in their eleven games played.

As we know, they started with a loss to the 49ers in 2013. After losing to the Dallas Cowboys in 2014, they finally won their first game in 2015 against the Buffalo Bills.

The biggest win they achieved was against the Baltimore Ravens in 2017 when they won 44-7 in a blowout victory. The team had a successful season. They ended with a 10-6 record and reached the playoffs Divisional Round. This was the third time in team history that they reached this stage.

In their latest game in 2023, the Jags beat the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium with a 23-7 victory.

Here is their full London games record from 2013 to now:

Date Opponent Score Venue Attendance
27th October 2013 San Francisco 49ers 42-10 Wembley Stadium 83,559
9th November 2014 Dallas Cowboys 31-17 Wembley Stadium 83,603
25th October 2015 Buffalo Bills 31-34 Wembley Stadium 84,021
2nd October 2016 Indianapolis Colts 27-30 Wembley Stadium 83,798
24th September 2017 Baltimore Ravens 7-44 Wembley Stadium 84,592
28th October 2018 Philadelphia Eagles 24-18 Wembley Stadium 85,870
3rd November 2019 Houston Texans 26-3 Wembley Stadium 84,771
17th October 2021 Miami Dolphins 20-23 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 60,784
30th October 2022 Denver Broncos 21-17 Wembley Stadium 86,215
1st October 2023 Atlanta Falcons 23-7 Wembley Stadium 85,176
8th October 2023 Buffalo Bills 25-20 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 61,273

Jacksonville Jaguars London games in 2024

The NFL has selected three teams to host games in October, one of which is the Jacksonville Jaguars playing at the iconic Wembley Stadium. Additionally, the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings will be taking the field at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Here is the newly announced NFL London schedule for the Jaguars:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs Chicago Bears, taking place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday, October 13th.
  • New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars, also at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, October 20th.

Discover more details about their 2024 season schedule.

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