Think VIP experiences are reserved for the rich and famous, or corporate businessmen and women? We debunk the myths surrounding hospitality at live events and explain how Seat Unique is making luxury experiences accessible to all.

Last updated: 12/07/22 at 11:46 am

What does the term ‘hospitality package’ mean to you? A VIP experience affordable to only the rich and famous? A lavish corporate event for businessmen and women to impress clients?

Once reserved for corporates and the elites, event hospitality packages have in fact become an increasingly viable option for everyone.

Many fans are unaware that hospitality options are available for ‘sold-out’ events. At Seat Unique, we believe in the power of connecting the world through live experiences. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make premium tickets and hospitality packages accessible for all.

So, let us clear up the popular misconceptions about hospitality tickets, and open your mind to a new wave of VIP treatment that’s within reach of every fan.

Hospitality isn't necessarily the most expensive

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Have you ever considered buying premium tickets and hospitality packages for a live event? If the answer is no you're not alone.

Many people dismiss hospitality options because they assume it's a completely unaffordable option. However, sports clubs and music venues have different tiers of hospitality.

From premium seat-only options to private boxes, there are packages to suit all budgets and, in some cases, they can be more value for money than you might think.

Typically, the price of a premium ticket doesn’t far outweigh the total average cost of attending a sports match or concert. Hospitality packages that are inclusive of food and drink usually range from £100 - £1,000+ and these packages will include other luxury perks.

When factoring in an additional budget for food and drinks on top of the price of standard tickets, hospitality packages can be more cost-effective. Plus, official premium tickets and hospitality packages are guaranteed to provide memorable experiences.

Corporate hospitality isn’t the only type of hospitality

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Hospitality suites aren’t necessarily filled with suited and booted businessmen. Most sports clubs and music venues will have a variety of hospitality options available to suit different customers' needs.

Man City’s Legends Lounge offers a relaxed and informal atmosphere, perfect for young families or a day out with friends. Likewise, The Mancunian Suite provides an easy-going, fun environment with fine dining, complimentary drinks and live entertainment.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you will be able to find the hospitality package that is right for you.

Buying hospitality packages is a lengthy process

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Traditionally, to purchase hospitality packages you will have to enter a lengthy process of enquiring with a company and discussing your order via time-consuming email and telephone conversations.

However, this is no longer true, and gone are the days of struggling to purchase hospitality simply! Seat Unique has developed a four-click process that allows fans to easily purchase hospitality and VIP tickets at any time.

While our team are still available for online and telephone enquiries, this is not your only option. Through our premium online marketplace website, you can safely secure your place at upcoming music, sports, or cultural events in a time-effective and simple way.  

If you are interested in having premium music, sport or cultural event experience, explore all of our available packages now!

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