As the music industry anticipates the return of a pop legend, rumours circulate about a possible Britney Spears UK tour in 2024. Join us as we explore the potential for an epic comeback and uncover the latest details on concert dates and locations. More importantly, discover how to secure the best seats in the house to witness the iconic performer live.

Last Updated: 27/12/23 at 9:00

Pop music fans rejoice, Britney's back! According to The Sun, an unnamed Las Vegas associate has revealed that Britney, despite enduring a challenging conservatorship and a recent marriage breakup, has been quietly penning lyrics for the past three years.

The good news doesn't stop there - Sony Music is eager for her studio comeback, offering a lucrative advance and even proposing a new Greatest Hits album that could feature new tracks.

Britney has poured her heart and struggles over the last three years into her songwriting. Initially focused on liberating herself from the conservatorship, her new music now reportedly reflects her emotional journey through the breakup with Sam Asghari.

Sony has been in discussions with her for two years, envisioning a new era and providing access to renowned writers, producers, and an impressive catalogue of songs that are destined to top the charts.

As rumours continue to swirl, fans are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated return of Britney Spears with new music on the horizon. Join us as we delve into our predictions for Britney's comeback tour. Plus, discover how you can secure the best seats in the house for the ultimate Britney experience in style.

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When was Britney Spears’ last performance?

Britney has not been on stage since the 2018 United States Grand Prix when she performed songs from her iconic discography including ‘Womanizer’ and ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’.

When did Britney Spears last tour?

In 2018, Brit completed her ‘Piece of Me’ tour across North America and Europe. This marked the star’s tenth tour and celebrated her ninth studio album ‘Glory’.

Since Britney was freed from her conservatorship following the #FreeBritney movement and a high-profile court case, rumours have been rife as fans are desperate to see Britney back on stage with the freedom to perform as she wishes.

During her court testimonies, the singer expressed that she had been forced by her management to complete previous tours including her 2018 ‘Piece of Me’ concerts.

This news has left many wondering if Britney will retire entirely from music and touring, or whether she will now want to tour under her own conditions and rules.

Will Britney Spears tour again?

Following the end of her conservatorship, Brit announced that she did not want to tour again because she “hated it”.  This was disappointing news to many Britney fans,  yet understandable news, and many have loved seeing her quirky dance performances on the likes of Instagram live.

However, in more recent months, hope is rising that the ‘Gimme More’ singer is becoming more open to the idea of getting back into the music industry.

In August, Britney released a track with her friend and fellow pop icon Elton John which took a new approach on his classic song ‘Tiny Dancer’ under the title of ‘Hold Me Closer’. This release has caused excitement as it indicates that Britney is not entirely closed off to recording new music.

Fans have also latched onto the words of Britney's ex-husband who when asked if his wife would be performing live in the future, answered ‘Absolutely’ before stumbling and changing his answer to ‘Hopefully’.

Madonna has also added fuel to the fire as she teased fans of a collaboration stadium tour with Britney where they could re-enact their famous 2003 VMAs kiss.

More recently, Britney confirmed the release of a new song with rap sensation titled 'Mind Your Business'.

The track was released on 18th July and has sparked even more rumours that the singer could be making a full comeback to the stage soon.

The star will also be releasing a 'tell all memoir' in October 2023 titled 'The Woman in Me'. The book is set to reveal tales of fame, freedom, motherhood, survival, faith and hope.

Is Britney Spears planning to release new music?

Britney recently made a comeback in the music scene after collaborating with Elton John on her first release in almost seven years.

This collaboration, titled ‘Hold Me Closer’, reached the top ten charts in both the UK and US, showcasing Britney's enduring popularity in the UK despite her hiatus from music.

With this recent success, there are high hopes that Britney will continue to release new music in the future.

Britney's last album, ‘Glory’, was released in 2016. Rumours suggest that she has something exciting planned for 2024.

A report, from the Evening Standard, has indicated that Britney is working on a new duets album and is looking to collaborate with artists such as Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande. Fans eagerly await further updates on Britney's musical endeavours.

When and where will Britney Spears tour in the UK?

Britney Spears has not announced any specific UK tour dates yet, but we speculate that she might be visiting the UK in 2024.

Our prediction is that she will be performing at various arenas in cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Will Britney Spears ever go back on tour?

Unfortunately, although there are strong indications that Britney will return to touring, the star has not yet officially confirmed her comeback to music.

We know that Brit’s fans will want what is best for her and if this doesn’t entail touring, then her fun and outlandish social media performances will suffice.

However, if Britney does decide to go on tour in the coming years, tickets are expected to experience unprecedented demand.

Before the end of her conservatorship, Brit was a sell-out artist but now that she can perform in her own right, we anticipate that fans will go even more crazy to see her back on stage and that this will lead to a string of quickly sold-out dates.

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