Beyoncé is no stranger to the stage, and with a host of career-defining performances behind her, it is tough to remember where she began. We take you through the evolution of Beyoncé's live performances, showcasing how the Houston-born teenager became one of the most praised performers of this generation.

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Queen Bey is one of the world’s most famous and best-loved music artists, and attracts constant praise for her incredible live performances.

If you are a full-fledged "BeyHive-r" or are looking to gain your membership, keep reading as we take you on the ultimate journey through Beyoncé’s live performances all the way from the early days through to her Super Bowl performances and to her most recent tour.

Come along with us to discover the ‘Drunk in Love’ singer’s transformation into one of the greats of this generation, as we uncover how her presence, costumes and choreography have evolved over the years.

Early Days with Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child stormed the 90s with hit after hit and have now sold more than 60 million records.

However, before they came into the limelight, the group existed in its original format of six members under the name ‘Girls Tyme’. A performance by the group on the-then hit talent show Star Search was our first insight into the performance power of Bey.

While she has now transitioned from rap to R&B, we can see that Beyoncé possessed vocal talent and star energy from the very start as she bops around the stage and takes the lead. Although, we are glad that Bey left that outfit and those dance movies in the past!

A few years on, Destiny’s Child settled into its final and most famous format of Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle.

‘DC’ performed at a host of one-off shows and toured three times from 1999 through to their break-up in 2005. Looking at the trio’s live performances over the years, it is clear that they developed their stage presence and image as they rose to the height of stardom.

One of the group’s first live performances in 1999 saw them sing ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ on Motown Live. In this show, the trio’s vocals were already strong, but compared to later performances they seemed tightly crafted in their matching outfits and ‘conservative’ choreography.

Moving onto one of Destiny’s Child’s later live shows, it is obvious that the group had mastered their stage presence and evolved into incredible performers.

At the 2005 World Music Awards, their choreography had stepped up several notches with its clarity, sass and sexiness. While Bey, Kelly and Michelle remained in their matching outfits, the classy and sparkly choice of dress was miles away from the uber-girly and bright pink choice seen in their earlier performance.

Looking back on her time in DC, Beyoncé has credited her growth to the underestimation of the group’s potential. Speaking to ELLE Magazine, she said that “the label didn’t really believe we were pop stars” and that this “ended up being the best thing, because that’s when [she] I became an artist and took control”.

We are grateful that Bey didn’t let the criticism hold her back, as she went on to become one of the biggest superstars of our time. Keep reading to discover how Beyoncé's live performances evolved even further when she went solo…

Beyoncé as a Solo Star

Beyoncé headed out as a solo artist in 2003 while Destiny’s Child was on hiatus, and again in 2005 when they broke up entirely.

During her first performance as a solo artist at the Essence Awards, Bey showcased her debut album ‘Dangerously in Love’ with a performance of the number one single ‘Crazy in Love’.

In the performance, Beyoncé wore a sultry brown leather dress and belted out incredible vocals while working the stage with a set of backing dancers. While she clearly dominated the space, Bey was yet to step away from the performance style she was used to in DC.

When she went fully solo in 2005, Bey released a series of albums inspired by a mix of R&B influences and ballad vocals.

Alongside her musical developments, Beyoncé transitioned from the classic expectations of live performances toward creating full-blown artistic masterpieces on stage.

On the ‘I…Am World Tour’, B (or Sasha Fierce) looked like a real superstar as she performed in a series of incredible, fashionable and modern outfits while maintaining stunning vocals and dancing for her life.

With thorough thought going into everything from lighting to costumes, this was one of the first times that we saw Beyoncé’s unique approach to treating live performances as all-around experiences.

However, it was not until more recent years that we experienced the true dedication that Beyoncé puts into crafting her live shows. One of the most memorable performances, Bey’s Coachella show and its accompanying Netflix documentary, gave the public a deep insight into the preparation and creative license exercised by Bey.

After months of planning and rehearsing, the show exuded the very height of fashion, power, and artistry and demonstrates just how the singer has gained the title of ‘Queen Bey’.

Most recently, Beyoncé toured with her husband Jay-Z on the second ‘On The Run Tour’. The shows were praised by Variety Magazine as a sheer production that was a "true feast for the senses". During the tour, the power couple combined forces to deliver high-fashion outfits, incredible choreography, chemistry, talent and energy as they owned the stage.

The Evolution of Beyoncé

Looking back to Beyoncé's performance with Girl Tyme and to the early days of Destiny’s Child really does show how far the star’s execution of live performances has come.

While Bey has always possessed vocal talent, she has grown into a multi-award artist who now develops and produces creative, awe-inspiring performances.

From following the classic expectations of 90s performances and wardrobes, Bey has gone on to execute innovative artistry and has undoubtedly earned her legendary status.

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