We explain why concert ticket prices fluctuate and the best time to buy tickets to live sports and music events, safely and securely.

Last Updated: 30/05/23 at 11:28

Have you ever wondered when the best time to buy tickets to a sporting event or concert is?

We are here to bust all of the myths, and give you an insight into fluctuating ticket prices, so that you can buy at the best time. Read on to find out more.

When do ticket prices fluctuate?

Each big music or sporting event has a 10-month life cycle, with the highest demand for tickets coming when they first go on sale. One month prior to the match or concert, publicity begins to peak once again.

Simple supply and demand means that in the last days before a live event, prices tend to rise.

When is the best time to buy tickets to a concert or sporting event?

Deciding when to purchase your tickets to a concert or sporting event depends on a number of factors.

There is no set time that you should buy tickets to an event. However, our top tips are here to help you figure out when and how you would like to secure your sport at upcoming concerts and sporting events.

Will the event sell out?

Seat Unique Trustpilot review by Lily Harding
Image: Seat Unique Trustpilot review by Lily Harding

If an artist's tour is experiencing extreme hype, or a sports match is going to see rivals come head-to-head, you can anticipate that demand will be high, and tickets may sell out.

If an event sells out, you can expect to pay more for second release tickets, or re-sale tickets. This is why many buyers rush to queue for tickets, yet still end up missing out.

If you wait until closer to the event to try and secure your place, you are likely to end up paying inflated prices, or missing out on attending all together.

However, don't worry, as did you know that 'sold-out' does not always mean sold-out?

We’re are often led to believe that in-demand events are categorically sold-out. This leaves many music and sports fans devastated, and without hope of ever getting tickets. However, most fans are unaware that the capacity for many ‘sold-out’ events aren't necessarily packed to the rafters.

Many ‘sold-out’ events still have a number of hospitality tickets available, meaning that you can often still secure your place at the event of your choice even once it is declared as being 'sold-out'.

Therefore, if you miss out on tickets in the general sale, we recommend exploring official hospitality packages and VIP tickets to avoid inflated general admission ticket prices.

What are your priorities?

Legends Lounge hospitality seats at Emirates Old Trafford
Image: Emirates Old Trafford, Legends Lounge Hospitality

If you are focused on enjoying great views at the event of your choice, then the best time to buy is typically on the day that tickets for the event are released.

However, if you are not focused on where you sit, or are even willing to sit by yourself, then you could end up getting a great bargain later down the line as single tickets are typically much cheaper the closer the event is.

For many looking for top views of the stage or sports ground, the rush to buy tickets can be stressful and often fruitless. These tickets will often then increase in price as the event gets closer, meaning that you may end up spending a lot for a simple general admission ticket.

To avoid the stress of long and time consuming queues, while also guaranteeing your access to in-demand events, with the tickets of your choice, you can book premium tickets and hospitality packages.

Seat Unique offers premium tickets and hospitality packages to a wealth of sports and music events through official partnerships with clubs and venues including the Welsh Rugby Union, Yorkshire Cricket and York Racecourse. This means that you can book your place and guarantee the seats of your choice at a variety of events in as little as four clicks.

Do ticket prices drop on the day of the concert?

Concert crowd
Image: Concert crowd (Unsplash; Yvette De Wit) 

So, do ticket prices drop on the day of a concert? Unfortunately, there is no set answer to this question as every event is different.

If an event is 'sold-out', then there is a small chance that more tickets will be released closer to the event. However, these tickets are often more expensive as demand remains high.

If you do not mind sitting alone or experiencing disrupted views, then it is likely that you will be able to get cheaper tickets on the day of the concert.

Do ticket prices drop on the day of the game?

Erling Haaland playing football
Image: Erling Haaland playing football

Once again, there is not a 'one size fits all' answer to this question.

For some sporting events, ticket prices will drop on the day, particularly for less desirable seats or if performance has recently declined.

However, many clubs do not decrease their prices, particularly when a match is in higher demand - prices can even increase as last minute buyers scramble to secure their spot.

For a lot of events, such as the Wimbledon Championships, demand will remain high from the date that tickets are available through to the date of the event, meaning that prices are less likely to shift downwards.

Are hospitality packages affordable?

Concerned about the price of hospitality packages? We’ll let you in on a little secret; secondary ticketing sites can overcharge on the average ticket price, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find that hospitality packages are often cheaper than standard level tickets.

Although an upfront cost of £90+ may seem steep, premium hospitality and VIP tickets include a number of luxury benefits; think VIP entrances, access to exclusive lounges, fine-dining, complimentary drinks and programmes. When you weigh up the cost of a standard event ticket, plus additional food and drinks bought throughout the day/night, hospitality seems more reasonable than first thought.  

So, please don’t miss out on a premium live experience because you think that hospitality packages are out of your reach. They are, and they are readily available at Seat Unique. Check out fantastic range of premium sports hospitality packages and VIP concert tickets.