Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger Spice dominated the 90s and 00s with hit after hit. Keep reading to discover what we think are the most brilliant Spice Girls songs, and how you could see the group live when they hit the road again.

British pop culture icons, Spice Girls were and still are one of the best loved girl bands in the world.

The group have sold over 100 million records worldwide making them the best-selling girl group of all time. With many accolades to their name, the Spice Girls moulded the Cool Britannia era with their uniquely fun ‘characters’ and catchy bops.

But what is their biggest hit? With so many great songs and nine chart toppers to pick from, selecting the Spice Girls’ best track is not an easy task to overcome.

So, we have done the hard work for you! Keep reading to discover what we think are the top five songs of the Spice Girls’ career to date. Plus, discover the latest speculation that the group could be reuniting for a tour soon.


In 2000, Spice Girls reunited without Geri Halliwell after the band had disbanded to pursue solo projects the year before. The group came back with a bang and the single ‘Holler’ marked their ninth and final number one hit to date.

The song follows in true early 2000s style with an R&B feel to the beat and lyrics, shifting away from the traditional pop typically adopted by the group.

While the ‘Forever’ album did badly compared to the band’s previous work, ‘Holler’ remains a well loved favourite amongst fans and deserves a place on our top 5 list.

Say You’ll Be There

The group received their second number one with ‘Say You’ll Be There’ in late 1996. The track follows a slightly mellower tone than some of their other hits, but has an irresistibly catchy chorus and backing instrumental.

With over 107 million listens on Spotify, the song is one of the top five most loved tracks by listeners on the platform.

While a great tune, ‘Say You’ll Be There’ takes fourth place as it just can’t compete with some of the group’s classic and most famous bops.

2 Become 1

‘2 Become 1’ was the third and final number one hit of 1996 for the Spice Girls. The ballad also became their first Christmas number one.

The sensual and romantic track showed a different side to the typically upbeat girly band. Following suit with 90s groups such as TLC, the song showcased vocal talent and a softer approach to girl pop power.

‘2 Become 1’ had to make it into our top three as one of Spice Girls fans’ most famous and well-loved tracks, but was beaten to the top spots by some undeniably great hits!


In 1996, ‘Wannabe’ stormed the charts and marked the first number one hit for ‘girl power’.

The track follows themes of female friendship and empowerment and is the first time we see Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger Spice showcase their talents and bond.

Despite being released almost three decades ago, this bop still gets everyone at the party up to dance and sing along.

While possibly the most famous of the Spice Girls’ hits, the group out did themselves on one occasion in 1997 with our number one choice.

Spice Up Your Life

‘Spice Up Your Life’ takes the top spot! The song came from the group’s second album ‘Spiceworld’ and resembles the solidification and strength of their image and group name.

With salsa and samba influences, the dance oriented track follows a self-promoting message of ‘spicing up your life’ with Spice Girls' uplifting message of girl power and joy.

The accompanying music video is inspired by the film Blade Runner and has been used regularly on setlists including the Spice Girls’ famous 2021 Summer Olympics opening ceremony performance.

While the song received mixed reviews upon release, ‘Spice Up Your Life’ is now a classic pop hit and puts into music the essence of what the band stands for, meaning that it had to take 1st position on our list.

How can you see the Spice Girls live?

As Scary Spice teases fans, rumours are rife that Spice Girls will be reuniting soon to head out on a large-scale tour.

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