From Wembley 2008 to the ‘break a leg show’, we bring you the Foo Fighters' best live performances.

Foo Fighters are legends of the rock n roll world and have a gigantic catalogue of incredible live performances to their name.

It is tough to pick which of the Foos' live performances have been the best, with each bringing high energy, powerful set lists and raw emotion to the stage.

But, we have filtered through the band’s gig history to bring you our top five most memorable Foo Fighters shows.

Read on to discover our selection, and find out how to secure your spot at upcoming Foo Fighters UK tour dates in 2024.

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Edgefest - 1998

Edgefest was one of the Foos' earlier performances, and took the band across North America to complete a number of electric gigs.

The performances are remembered by long-term Foos fans as some of the best live performances of their early days.

The high energy shows featured tracks including ‘I’ll Stick Around’ and ‘Everlong’. The performances saw crowds burst to life, as they sang and jumped along with the band.

Wembley Stadium - 2008

The Foos’ first Wembley Stadium shows marked the first time that the band experienced the true commitment of their UK fan base.

Two sold out nights at the 85,000 person stadium saw the band deliver some of their most iconic tracks including ‘My Hero’ and ‘Best Of You’, to masses of screaming fans.

The performances are remembered by Dave Grohl as being highly emotional for himself and the band. He told NME that while he was on stage he “was thinking about how this whole thing started”.

To top it all off, the Foo Fighters were joined by one of the most iconic British rock bands of all time, Led Zeppelin.

The two Wembley shows continue to be remembered by fans as a moment of poignancy for the band, and as the beginning of their global stadium show era.

‘Break a leg’ - 2015

The ‘Break a leg’ show has gone down in Foo Fighters history as one of the band's most awe-inspiring and memorable performances.

In 2015, the Foos performed in Gothenburg, Sweden as part of their Sonic Highways World Tour. Early in the set, the band’s lead vocalist Dave Grohl fell off the stage and fractured his leg.

Grohl had to be escorted off the stage and the remaining band members continued to perform a set list of covers, revealing that the show would have to be rescheduled.

Some fans left the venue, but little did they know that Dave Grohl would soon reappear and complete the show sitting down and with a broken leg!

The performance is widely regarded as one of the most amazing Foo Fighters performances, and shows the band’s dedication to their art and fans.

20th Anniversary Show - 2015

The Foo Fighters 20th anniversary show came shortly after the famous ‘Break a leg’ concert, and once again featured Grohl’s broken leg.

On 4th July, the band put on a show stopping performance in Washington DC,  despite having cancelled most of their previous shows due to Dave’s injury.

The 20th anniversary concert saw Dave ascend the stage in true rockstar style on a throne, meaning that he could remain seated while the band put on the performance of their lives.

The show also featured a star studded line up of special guests ranging from Buddy Guy and Gary Clark to Trouble Funk.

To finish the show, the Foos played an acoustic version of ‘My Hero’, and dedicated the song to all local musicians that they had grown up with.

Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert - 2022

Following the death of their drummer Taylor Hawkins, The Foos put on a handful of tribute concerts to commemorate and celebrate his life.

While the shows were full of emotion and sadness, they were a tremendous reflection of Taylor’s impact upon his band mates and fans.

Special guests joined the Foo Fighters to honour Taylor, including Pink, Liam Gallagher and Paul McCartney.

The concerts are some of the most memorable for fans of the Foos, and marked a stark turning point in the future of the band.

Performances from the shows will go down in history for their raw emotion, electric energy and honourable strength.

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