Arsenal are a must-watch team this season. Check out five of the best Arsenal games you have to attend in 2024 and how you support the team in style.

Fans of the red side of North London have been on cloud nine so far this season. Arsenal find themselves at the top of the Premier League table by Christmas, going with twelve wins, four draws and only two losses.

A flying first half of the season for a team that looked like improving after a very successful campaign last year, finishing 2nd in the Barclays Premier League.

Mikel Arteta is building upon that year, and along with the signings they have made during the summer transfer window, Arsenal now find themselves in a good position to challenge for the title this season.

And for that reason, you won’t want to miss some of their bigger matchups. Here are five Arsenal games you must attend in 2014 at the Emirates Stadium, especially if you’re a Gooner.

Arsenal vs Liverpool - 4th February 2024

The first true test for Arsenal comes with Liverpool at the Emirates, which will be their 3rd time meeting this season. While they will have faced their mortal enemies of Tottenham and Manchester United already at this point, going up against Liverpool for the third time, will be a great challenge for the Gunners.

Liverpool have had a strong start to their Premier League campaign, drawing with Arsenal during the Christmas period.

The Reds have of course won multiple different trophies in the last five years, which shows the strength they possess.

In order to showcase their true potential and stake their claim as Premier League contenders, Arsenal must defeat or, at the very least, secure a point against Liverpool while delivering a stellar performance.

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Arsenal vs Newcastle - 24th February 2024

Both sides enter the field with contrasting trajectories in the upcoming clash between Arsenal and Newcastle.

Arsenal, a club with a rich history and renowned style of play, has experienced a rollercoaster of a season so far. The Gunners have displayed moments of brilliance, combined with frustrating inconsistencies.

While some matches have showcased their attacking prowess and defensive stability, there have been instances where they have faltered, resulting in dropped points. Finding the right balance and maintaining consistency will be key for Arsenal in their quest for success against Newcastle.

On the other side of the spectrum lies Newcastle United, a team navigating through a challenging season. The Magpies have encountered numerous setbacks, struggling to find their rhythm and secure positive results. Faced with injuries and a lack of cohesion, Newcastle's journey has been a challenging one. However, recent performances have shown glimpses of inspiration and renewed fighting spirit, hinting at their potential to upset the odds against Arsenal.

Arsenal will want to go one better than last season and secure all three points over the Magpies at the Emirates Stadium come February.

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Arsenal vs Chelsea - 16th March 2024

This highly anticipated clash ignites passion not just among players, fans, and managers, but throughout the entire football community. The prospect of witnessing Jose Mourinho versus Arsene Wenger would have headlined any pay-per-view event, such is the magnitude of this rivalry.

In terms of honours, these two London clubs stand tall as the most successful in the city. Arsenal takes pride in their record 13 top-flight league titles, while Chelsea has dominated the Premier League era with five titles to their name. This storied success on both sides amplifies the intensity of each encounter and fuels the desire for victory.

Whenever Arsenal and Chelsea step onto the pitch, sparks fly, and the game transforms into a firecracker spectacle. This fixture consistently captivates spectators with its electrifying action and fierce competition. Even though Chelsea's performance may have faltered this season, the match remains synonymous with delivering unparalleled entertainment and excitement.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Arsenal and Chelsea, this clash demands attention and guarantees a spectacle. From thrilling goals to tactical masterclasses, the match promises an enthralling display of football prowess. The relentless commitment of the players, the passion of the fans, and the historic rivalry combine to create an atmosphere that is truly unmissable.

The impending duel between Arsenal and Chelsea is not merely a regular game but rather a historic clash between two giants of London football. Both teams have much at stake, ensuring a riveting encounter. Whether battling for glory or pride, this matchup never fails to provide excitement, making it a must-watch spectacle for football enthusiasts worldwide.

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Arsenal vs Aston Villa - 13th April 2024

Arsenal vs Aston Villa is another classic rivalry in the Premier League. The upcoming match between Arsenal and Aston Villa promises to be nothing short of a footballing spectacle. As these two historic clubs prepare to collide on the pitch, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating a clash that unites a rich legacy, fierce title ambitions, and the promise of an unmissable showdown.

When discussing the legacy of English football, it is impossible to overlook the contributions of Arsenal and Aston Villa. Both clubs have left an indelible mark on English football history. Arsenal, with its 13 top-flight league titles, stands as one of the most successful clubs in the country. Meanwhile, Aston Villa boasts a prestigious record of seven league titles, including their memorable triumph in the inaugural season of the Premier League. The legacy of both clubs adds an extra layer of significance and prestige to their encounters.

As the season progresses, both Arsenal and Aston Villa find themselves harbouring formidable title ambitions. Arsenal, under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, seek to restore themselves to the pinnacle of English football. With a squad brimming with talent and a hunger to reclaim their former glory, the Gunners are determined to challenge for major honours once again. Aston Villa, on the other hand, have been enjoying an impressive resurgence, led by main man Ollie Watkins and former Arsenal manager Unai Emery. Their recent success has elevated them to the top four of the league table, igniting dreams of potential title challenges.

When Arsenal and Aston Villa lock horns, fans can expect a captivating and fiercely contested encounter. Past clashes between these two sides have produced memorable moments, showcasing the skill, determination, and passion of both teams. Each player will display unwavering commitment as they battle for every inch of the pitch. With attacking flair, formidable defensive lines, and a thirst for three points, this showdown is guaranteed to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

The stage is set for a clash of legacy, title ambitions, and unmatched excitement as Arsenal and Aston Villa face off. From the rich history of the clubs to the pursuit of glory, the Arsenal-Aston Villa showdown exemplifies the true essence of the beautiful game.

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