Discover the latest news on Manchester’s Co-op Live, and how the venue is paving the way for venue sustainability and fan-focused experiences.

Co-op Live is the UK’s most highly anticipated music and entertainment venue of the year, if not the decade.

In 2023, the state-of-the-art venue is due to open in the vibrant city of Manchester and has set out to reinvent the fan experience.

The project, with backing from music icon Harry Styles and City Football Group, is planning to change the live venue scene for the better with a focus on incredible design and an ethos of sustainability.

Read on to discover more about what you can expect from the new venue as we take you through all of the details revealed so far.

When Will Co-op Live Open?

Co-op Live is due to open in the winter of 2023 in East Manchester, but an exact date is not yet confirmed.

Co-op Live Design and The Fan Experience

The 23,500-capacity arena has been designed with a music-first mindset and is set to hold the largest floor space of any indoor venue, as well as a tiered seating system to bring fans even closer to the artist or performer.

Alongside this, the bowl-shaped venue will promote incredible acoustics and cutting-edge visual technology to deliver awe-inspiring shows to fans. The soundproofing, noise management system, and external mood lighting will further encourage incredible sound and design while remaining mindful of those who live nearby.

The venue is also set to be accessible to fans through features including hearing loops, audio enhancements, and step-free access at every entrance.

Co-op Live has revealed that its premium facilities are set to change the way that fans experience live entertainment forever. The arena will be offering a range of VIP experiences at every level, but only some areas have been revealed so far.

Premium options and exclusive areas will celebrate incredible food and drink from the region while encouraging guests to access the best pre-show and post-show parties.

The AMP Club will offer guests access to Level 2’s Atrium Club before and after the show and will include exclusive drink and dining options as well as VIP entry and premium seating.

Fans who book a premium experience in the Gallery Suite will enjoy live entertainment, informal bohemian dining options that are locally and sustainably sourced, as well as premium seats with incredible stage views.

Private Suites at Co-op Live have been built for exclusive, five-star entertaining and feature luxurious interiors. The suite area will encourage socialising and networking as guests will enjoy in-suite catering and service, a private viewing platform, and premium seating.

The Bentley Record Room has been hailed as the ‘UK’s most luxurious live music members’ club’. The area has been designed by the Bentley Motors Design Team and replicates the custom finishes and designs of its famous luxurious cars, including low carbon Beluga leather seating and stunningly crafted Bentley Home furniture.

Adding to this, the 100-capacity club will offer the ultimate luxury and intimacy for fans with high-end dining options, a private host and waiter service, designated parking, and VIP venue entry.

Co-op Live and Sustainability

Co-op Live aims to be built and operate as the most sustainable arena in the UK, and one of the most sustainable in the world.

The venue’s construction is optimising the use of construction materials and ensuring that they are locally and responsibly sourced to reduce waste and transport emissions. Meanwhile, the arena's design champions sustainability through features including a fully recyclable organic rooftop PV system that will minimise the import of electricity, and rainwater harvesting to reduce water usage.

Other renewable energy source plans include the use of Air Source Heat Pumps for heating and cooling. Furthermore, energy efficiency will be encouraged via features such as high-spec insulation, the perforated façade design, smart building controls, and energy-efficient lighting.

Co-op Live is also working to control waste management by encouraging early engagement with supply chains to minimise avoidable packaging and waste, alongside supporting local food donation programmes to reduce food wastage.

Finally, the Canalside arena is welcoming green spaces into its design to support local ecosystems which will enhance the area’s natural biodiversity while providing a scenic environment for pedestrians to utilise throughout the year.

Co-op Live will be promoting sustainability through a number of key iniatives from the construction through to the running of the venue. Even more, the arena will pave the way for fan experiences via its innovative approach to live event experiences, ensuring that visitors enjoy the very best of performances held at the venue.

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